My name is Terka. My learning has dragged me since I was at the elementary school playing a teacher. I had a careful agenda, I had a badge marker, I created tests that I subsequently filled, corrected, stamped and stamped into a note, invented and written different games. At the time I exchanged the student's book for a study card, I began to ride as a trainee at the Summer Children's Camps that I have stayed until now. After graduation, I changed my study card again. This time for the information system at the Faculty of Education at Masaryk University. I was happy to write stamps from the Czech language and civils. There followed another change but only faculty, where I have been successful for three years with the cunning language of the Balkan Cinderella - Macedonian, which I studied with pedagogy. I am currently continuing with pedagogy and adult education.
I learned to teach Czech in Macedonia, where I lived for half a year and led Czech courses for foreigners, and then I had the opportunity to teach Czech at the leisure center. I can say I'm careful and patient.
When I have all the tasks and preparations done, I deal with dogs, CrossFit, family, and reading before bedtime.

Learning system
I teach my students in the Czech language to communicate and use it correctly. I do not learn exclusively according to a method, I try to choose the best of each. I bet on an individual approach to each student, promoting his creativity and independence. I make sure that the student sets the real goal we are trying to achieve. During the course, I use gaming elements that increase student motivation. I am involved in teaching various materials from everyday life - meals, flyers or visits to the Green Market and support communication in real-world situations.