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Even though I was in the Czech Republic for 3 months, I enjoyed the Czech lessons with Tereza because every single time we had a laugh together no matter what the topic was. This is how you should learn a language – with fun and pleasure!



From my experience, the classes do not feel like lessons! More like mental challenges talking in a strange code (isn’t Czech quite a strange language anyway?) I only realized how much I could actually say when I started hitchhiking! It turned out to be pretty useful.



I was a French volunteer in the Czech Republic and I started to learn Czech with Tereza. Each lesson was a pleasure because it was always different (games, videos, debate, role-playing…), so it wasn’t boring! Tereza is really nice, cheerful, and patient and knows how to teach Czech with fun. I improved my Czech quickly thanks to her! I recommend her!



I can recommend Terka as Czech teacher. 🙂 Me and some other volunteers took Czech lessons with Terka twice a week. It was always a relaxed atmosphere. She had a range of ideas how to teach us – not only with the help of text and grammar books but also very often by games, storytelling and much more, which in turn gave me a lot of inspiration for my own workshop. Thank you Terka, it was a pleasure to meet you!



I can fully endorse Terka as a very attentive, responsible, friendly, and detailed-oriented Czech teacher. She taught me Czech for seven months and week by week the results were more and more obvious. Her way of teaching is very interactive, and she is able to adapt the lessons to the personal interests of the students. What I loved the most was that there was a lot of focus on the speaking part, without leaving apart grammar and cultural aspects of the language. She has been probably the best language teacher I have had and I can completely recommend her!



Tereza was my Czech teacher and I can only recommend her lessons. She was always very helpful and patient and motivated us with her cheerful presence. She created a warm and friendly atmosphere so that I never felt afraid to make mistakes or ask questions, no matter how silly they might seem. In her lessons, she used a variety of different methods and techniques to teach us Czech, creating a mix of self-study with many interactive exercises and games. Terka always seemed prepared for the lessons, but also left room for spontaneous changes if something special to discuss came up. I really enjoyed the course and wish you a wonderful time with Terka!



It was an amazing experience to study Czech with my teacher Tereza. She is very kind, patient and always helped me to achieve better results! Every lesson I was getting more and more motivated to study and speak Czech. Also, she helped me a lot with my pronunciation which is extremely important when studying a new language! If You would like to study Czech, that would be the best place to do it 🙂 10/10



Class was held by Tereza who is outstanding teacher. Tereza is empathic, caring, and passionate while teaching. Tereza was always trying to help us improve our pronunciation and writing skills. Whole communication was in Czech language so we can get use to listening and speaking.
Atmosphere was comfy and pleasant.


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