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Czech language for foreigners

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Online lekce z pohodlí vašeho domova nebo kanceláře.

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Nunc civibus earum at est volumen, se nemo & cras te ad-augue.

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Nunc civibus earum at est volumen, se nemo & cras te ad-augue.

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Mistakes are proof that you are trying.

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Even though I was in the Czech Republic for 3 months, I enjoyed the Czech lessons with Tereza because every single time we had a laugh together no matter what the topic was. This is how you should learn a language – with fun and pleasure!



From my experience, the classes do not feel like lessons! More like mental challenges talking in a strange code (isn’t Czech quite a strange language anyway?) I only realized how much I could actually say when I started hitchhiking! It turned out to be pretty useful.



I was a French volunteer in the Czech Republic and I started to learn Czech with Tereza. Each lesson was a pleasure because it was always different (games, videos, debate, role-playing…), so it wasn’t boring! Tereza is really nice, cheerful, and patient and knows how to teach Czech with fun. I improved my Czech quickly thanks to her! I recommend her!

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